Dangerous Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products Liability

It seems that hardly a month passes without news that a drug or pharmaceutical product has been discovered to be dangerous or defective. Dangerous drugs cost American consumers millions of dollars every year. Moreover, thousands of patients suffer irreparable harm or even die due to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and products.

At the Birmingham law firm of Burke Harvey, LLC, our accomplished trial attorneys offer sound legal advice and experienced representation to the victims of dangerous drugs in Alabama and throughout the United States. Not all lawyers have the skill and courage to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry and fight for the rights of the victims of dangerous and defective drugs. We do. Contact us today for a free consultation.

You will pay no attorney’s fees until we obtain a financial settlement or jury award on your personal injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit against the maker of a dangerous or defective pharmaceutical drug or products.

Defective Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation

Our team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your rights and legal options in filing a drug product liability claim or lawsuit against the negligent pharmaceutical manufacturer that may have cost you your health or the life of a loved one.

We have the experience and skill to handle a full range of dangerous drug litigation, including:

  • Contaminated Heparin
  • Yasmine & Yaz Birth Control Pills
  • Gadolinium contrast dye used in MRIs
  • AMO contact lens solution
  • Seroquel (an antipsychotic drug)
  • Levaquin (an antibiotic known to cause tendon ruptures)

The pharmaceutical companies have entire legal departments on their side. You need dedicated support and powerful advocacy if you hope to succeed in the fight for your rights and your recovery.

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