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Since 2007, our LTD lawyers at the law firm of Burke Harvey, LLC have been committed to helping injured and disabled victims recover the long term disability benefits they are entitled to under federal law. Our knowledge of the LTD program, combined with our attention to detail, has allowed us to assist countless clients across the United States. Through personalized representation, insightful advice and responsive client service, we have gained a strong reputation across the country for succeeding in even the most challenging situations. We’d rather let our successes speak for themselves, however.

“I am legally blind in my right eye and the vision in my left eye had deteriorated to the point where I was unable to continue working in my profession of over 35 years. I had personally paid for a long-term disability policy with a major insurance company for 20 years consecutively, and filed an initial claim with them to collect benefits under the policy. My initial claim for benefits was denied by the insurance company as was my subsequent appeal application for benefits. After the second denial by the insurance company I was frustrated and beginning to worry about my family’s financial future. I reached out to a law firm here in my state of North Carolina to help me with my second and final appeal with the insurance company. They then referred me to Burke Harvey, LLC in Birmingham, AL. I was contacted by Counsel at Burke Harvey very soon thereafter and was assured that their firm had handled similar cases with success and would do everything in their power to get me the benefits I needed under my disability plan. I forwarded the documents requested by the Burke Harvey staff and then arranged to meet with the folks handling my case at the firm’s office in Birmingham, AL. Through the entire process I was kept updated through e-mails and phone calls. I was most impressed by my face to face meetings with the firm’s personnel where I came away feeling that they generally cared about me and my situation, and were passionate as legal professionals about winning my appeal.”

“I am happy to say that the efforts of Burke Harvey proved successful and my benefits under appeal were approved. I would highly recommend Burke Harvey to anyone seeking similar help.”

— Richard Malinofsky

“After working 60-70 hours a week for the same company for 28 years, last year I experienced severe medical problems and became totally disabled. After running out of short term disability benefits, my long term disability company through work declined me for benefits. I went from earning a great salary to zero income. I am a single mother and my son is heading to college this fall. It was the scariest time of my life. I began researching and having consultations with attorneys, but kept getting that “gut feeling” that they just weren’t right for me. One day, I came across the firm of Burke Harvey. As I read about them, I was very impressed. I filled out the “contact me” section on their website late on a Saturday night, fully expecting to hear back in a week or more as with all other firms. Imagine my shock when Peter Burke himself called me back first thing Sunday morning and set up a phone conference call for the following day. After speaking to him and his associates that next day, I knew immediately that they were the firm for me. They took time to answer all of my questions and address my concerns. They were extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, reassuring, and empathetic. I “hired” them immediately to handle my long term disability appeal for the insurance through my job as well as for my social security claim for disability benefits. They have been on top of everything. I email or call them and hear back within minutes. They are always willing to spend time answering my questions or concerns. They treat me with respect and dignity. In addition, they have experts in each field working on my cases. Everyone I have spoken to has been not only extremely smart and knowledgeable, but patient and compassionate. When I call or email and ask for something, it is done immediately.”
“Choosing Burke Harvey to represent me has relieved my stress significantly, and I couldn’t be happier or more sure of my decision. I so appreciate Peter and his entire team, and wholeheartedly endorse and recommend them. They are truly amazing.”

— Kevin Wright

During the past 1 1/2 years, they have gone to bat for me regarding  my Long Term Disability claim.  NO ONE would touch my case until I found  Mr. Burke.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my experience with Peter Burke and his law firm.  I typically spoke with Mr. Burke, Amanda or Monica.  They all communicated with me on a regular basis and were readily available as well.   As you can imagine, this has been quite a stressful time.  During the past 1 1/2 years, they have gone to bat for me regarding  my Long Term Disability claim.  NO ONE would touch my case until I found  Mr. Burke.  Unfortunately, my claim was denied due to what they feel is a pre-existing condition.  I am quite satisfied that they did everything possible to represent my situation.  Today  an offer was finally made and Mr. Burke accepted on my behalf.

I am quite happy with the results.  They are the very reason that I received any settlement at all!!

They have been a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend their services.

 — B. Mower

“There are no words that can fully express my gratitude other than, thank you from the bottom of my heart! “

“My life was at the darkest days and the lowest point.  After a whole life of work, suddenly I was at a total loss of income and my job due to an injury and compounding health problems.  I did not know where to turn for help.  In desperation I began to search on-line.  I found Burke Harvey and decided to give them a call.  Not expecting to find anyone who really cared, how wrong I was!  It was the best call I have ever made.  I spoke to caring people who advised me and enabled me to make decisions on how to proceed that have changed my life.  All through the process of applying for my social security disability and working on my private disability policy, I was treated with respect and dignity.  My attorney and his assistant were extremely knowledgeable, professional, very kind and down to earth.

Working with them was easy, they always kept me informed and returned my calls promptly.  I would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal services. Today, although I still struggle with my health issues my worries are so much less since they helped me obtain both my private and social security disability.  There are no words that can fully express my gratitude other than, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

— M.A. Snider, Idaho

I highly recommend him. They are very knowledgeable of current laws and dealing with the big companies too!

“A huge thank you to Peter Burke and his staff (Monica and Amanda) for the excellent handling of my disability case!  My private disability insurance was terminated with out cause even though I was granted disability from social security. Due to problems with my open heart surgery and bypass, I was left with a damaged nerve which caused left diaphragm paralysis and my left lung collapsed and am on supplemental oxygen. I was left to deal with all the medical problems AND went from a six figure income to barely enough to support my family and the big insurance company denied ongoing disability!  Mr. Burke and his team stepped in and took control with his team. I highly recommend him. They are very knowledgeable of current laws and dealing with the big companies too!  He and his team are professional, very proficient and attentive!”  

— David Pell

“Doctors said I would never be able to work again, then my disability claim was denied. Until Burke Harvey came to my aid”

“The doctors said I would never be able to work again, permanently disabled for life. If that wasn’t the hardest news to overcome, then the insurance company that denied the disability policy was a close second. 

With swift action, Peter Burke, Esq. of Burke Harvey LLC took on an insurance giant and rescued my family from disaster and ruin.

Peter Burke was the epitome of understanding, compassion and action. He helped us through every step and process, and personally called and answered any questions with outstanding guidance. If there was a hall of fame for lawyers, Peter Burke should be at the top of the list!

Thank you to Peter Burke and the Burke Harvey staff for saving our family and future.”

— Jennie, New York

“My disability benefits were cut off without warning, but Mr. Burke was able to get them back”

“I had been a doctor of chiropractic for over 20 years until I was forced to have bilateral hip resurfacing surgery in November of 2011.  At that time I filed for a disability claim on my private disability policy through Paul Revere Insurance.  I had been paying on this policy for 20 years.  After being on disability for 2 years the disability company, now “UNUM”, out of the blue cut off my benefits!  It took me over 120 days to get re-instated and get benefits flowing again.  This was a shock and costly to my family, so I did some research on the company, UNUM, and found some not so good things about the company’s policies and procedures.  It was at that juncture I started a nation-wide search for a lawyer, and through extensive interviews and negotiations, I found Peter Burke.  Mr. Burke negotiated a lump sum settlement and now I don’t have to go to bed at night wondering if UNUM is going to cut off my premiums. This thought process was very unsettling, especially since I paid 20 years of premiums to have a little security and found out they can cut you off for any findable cause. Thanks, Peter, for your professional help!”

— Dr. K.K.L.

“Up against a large insurance company like Unum, Mr. Burke and his team helped guide me through the entire process”

“I had the pleasure of working with Burke Harvey, LLC, specifically Mr. Peter Burke, in 2010 and 2011. I had filed a lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America for denying my claim for Long Term Disability benefits. I had been told Burke Harvey had extensive experience with dealing with the legal staff at Unum. Although fighting a huge corporation such as Unum Life Insurance can never be considered pleasurable, Mr. Burke consistently kept me advised of the status of my claim and diligently worked with Unum’s legal staff to settle on what was a reasonable settlement. The firm is extremely well informed, their communication could not be better, and the personnel are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Should the need ever arise, I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Burke to represent me.”

— Karra, California

“I am very impressed with their services”

“My experience working with Burke Harvey, LLC., was a very encouraging one.  Their firm took on one of the most difficult insurance companies to work with and we prevailed.  I am very impressed with their services.  This was a Long Term Disability claim that we won. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who’s seeking legal counsel, in such cases.  Again, my thanks to Peter Burke and staff for the outstanding job.”

— Leslie, Illinois

“I lost my business, my relationship, and my poor health became far worse due to the actions of the insurance company!”

“What sets Burke Harvey, LLC apart from other law firms is that they care for their clients and because they care, they listen to what hurts their clients. That gives them knowledge to search appropriate laws and an edge over other law firms thereby winning over difficult, stingy, and biased insurance companies.” “My insurance company was placing financial hardship on me by delaying their decision for almost a year, and when they got me down to having no money, they gave me back my premiums and brought up frivolous excuses that they will not pay in hopes that I will take the return of my premiums because I was hurting financially due to their delays. But the outstanding, caring, and knowledgeable lawyers at this prestigious law firm found the specific laws that prevent insurance companies to use delaying tactics to take as long as they want to make decisions, in hopes of making their insured to settle for less or nothing, and made them pay in 2 weeks, otherwise I would have cashed my return of premiums and would have let the insurance company succeed in their unfaithful practices of delaying tactics.” “I am grateful for the fact that not only they cared for me and listened to my problems, but also made the insurance company pay additional damages for my suffering and loss of my business because of their bad faith practice of twisting the truth after unlawful delaying tactics. I will always recommend them to all and will for ever remain grateful for their outstanding work.”

— A.Y.

“I was at an emotional low in my life”

“After 30 years on Wall Street, had to stop working due to a serious back and neck condition. My company’s insurance carrier had rejected my claims and was not willing to grant me disability payments. I would no longer be able to support my family and children and besides my physical condition which keeps worsening, I was at an emotional low in my life. I fortunately contacted Burke Harvey, LLC. With the representation from Mr. Peter Burke and his staff, I was awarded disability payments. Peter and his staff were nothing less then professional and helpful. They will always have my utmost gratitude.”

— J. Christon, New York

“No matter how small our case was, B&H Law was there to help”

“I highly recommend Peter Burke and his team at B&H Law. Despite our case being a smaller LTD claim, he understood that it was a ‘big’ claim to us and meant alot to our family’s finances and my healthcare. His compassion, dedication, and integrity is without question. When we were too tired to fight on our own, Mr. Burke carried us through the process and settled our case; and for that, we will always be grateful.”

— J. Caudill & Family, Kentucky

 Other Recent Long-Term Disability Cases

  • BH successfully resolved a case on behalf of a project manager from Alabama against Standard Insurance Company. Although she suffered from lupus, Crohn’s disease and chronic fatigue, Sedgwick stopped paying short term benefits.  After BH filed a lawsuit the matter was settled out of court.
  • BH settled a case against Unum on behalf of a customer service representative from Georgia. Unum intermittently paid benefits for five years before terminating her benefits stating that medical information no longer supported her claim.  BH supplied Unum with supportive medical opinions from the client’s treating physicians and argued that the client continued to suffer from chronic back and neck pain, depression and anxiety entitling her to further benefits.
  • BH filed a lawsuit on behalf of an administrative assistant who resided in Idaho against Liberty Mutual.  After the lawsuit was filed the parties entered into a settlement.
  • BH settled a case against Unum on behalf of a biological scientist from Florida. Unum paid benefits for two years then terminated his benefits based upon the two year mental illness exclusion.  BH showed that the client also suffered from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, physical illnesses, which was not subject to the two year limitation.
  • BH successfully resolved a case on behalf of an administrative assistant from Florida against Standard Insurance Company. Although she suffered from COPD, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, pulmonary hypertension and depression, Standard stopped paying long term disability benefits.  After BH filed a lawsuit the matter was settled out of court.
  • BH successfully settled a case on behalf of a reporter from Ohio against Unum. Although she suffered from Raynaud’s disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and a heart condition Unum denied her application for long-term disability benefits.  BH supplied Unum with supportive medical evidence and argued that the client’s disabling medical conditions entitled her to benefits.
  • BH represented a registered nurse in Florida against Unum.  Unum initially declined the claim based on a pre-existing exclusion but after BH became involved the matter was resolved without the filing of a lawsuit.
  • BH represented a dentist in Hollywood Florida against Northwestern under both an individual policy and an overhead policy.  After dragging out the claim for nine months, Northwestern then attempted to rescind the policies claiming that medical information had been incorrectly supplied.  BH then began its representation of the dentist and Northwestern reversed its position and began paying benefits under both policies.
  • BH successfully resolved a case on behalf of a financial analyst from Massachusetts against CIGNA. Although she suffered from Lime disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue CIGNA stopped paying short term benefits.  After BH filed a lawsuit the matter was settled out of court.
  • BH settled a case against Unum on behalf of a retired gentleman from Minnesota. Unum paid benefits for two years under the mental disability portion of the policy and then discontinued benefits.  BH argued that the gentleman’s Parkinson’s disease was a physical disability that entitled him to further benefits.
  • BH successfully restored a computer programmer’s benefits who lived in Denver.  After The Hartford paid benefits for two years it terminated them based upon the two year mental illness limitation.  BH showed that the client also suffered from debilitating migraines, a physical illness, which was not subject to the two year limitation.
  • BH filed a lawsuit on behalf of a cafeteria worker who resided in St. Louis against CIGNA.  After the lawsuit was filed the parties entered into a settlement.
  • BH represented a retired police officer in Massachusetts against Unum.  Unum initially declined the claim but after BH became involved the matter was resolved without the filing of a lawsuit.
  • BH represented a cancer patient in a reimbursement claim against Colonial Life.  After paying the “charged” amount of the required cancer therapy for several months, Colonial Life took the position that the treatment was not covered under the policy, and if it were covered, the amount owed was the reimbursement rate that Blue Cross Blue Shield paid and not the amount charged by the provider. After BH filed a lawsuit the parties resolved the dispute in a mediation.
  • BH filed a lawsuit against Unum in Tennessee on behalf of an anesthesiologist from the state of Washington.  The doctor’s benefits were cut off after Unum had paid them for five years.  After protracted litigation over the issue of whether the policy was subject to ERISA, the parties mediated the action to conclusion.

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Our LTD attorneys understand the impact that long term disability benefits can have on your life and your financial situation. When so much depends on a favorable resolution to your case, it is important that you have an attorney who will fight to uphold your rights. We understand the LTD claims and appeals process down to the smallest detail, allowing us to offer the advice you need to understand your rights and your options for pursuing assistance. Working closely with you, we work to offer the guidance you need to complete your claim or appeal in a manner that offers the best chance of approval, and will not rest until you receive benefits or have exhausted all of your appeals options. Contact our office online or call 888-880-9046 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific long term disabilities claims with one of our experienced LTD attorneys.