How to Win an LTD Claim

How to Successfully Win your LTD Claim

Winning a long term disability benefits claim can be a difficult task, especially on the first try. With insurance companies trying to protect themselves against fraudulent claims and excessive payouts, the process of obtaining benefits has become extremely challenging, and often requires the assistance of an experienced National long term disability attorney.

At the law firm of Burke Harvey, LLC, our long term disability claims lawyers leverage more than 50 years of combined experience to offer advice to injured and disabled clients across the United States. Throughout our careers, we have learned a number of strategies and tips that can improve your chances of successfully obtaining the long term disability benefits you are entitled to.

A Proven Approach to Your LTD Claim

Over the years, we have learned some of the best ways to approach your LTD claim, including:

  • File your application as soon as you are eligible: Submitting your claim early gives you the opportunity to obtain benefits as soon as you are eligible, or file an appeal without delay.
  • Request all of your medical records: Before filing a claim, be sure to obtain every medical record that pertains to the condition preventing you from working. In many cases, providing more information than absolutely necessary can be to your benefit.
  • Be organized: Insurance carriers may deny your LTD claim if you do not provide the proper information, or if your information is not clearly related to your condition. Make copies of all related documents, and clearly label medical records, doctors’ notes and prescriptions before filing them away in a safe and secure place.
  • Be able to explain your work history: Working with your employer to obtain employment records, and writing a letter that explains your employment record can be invaluable in demonstrating how your injury or disability has impacted your ability to work.
  • Work with an attorney: Many individuals choose to file their initial benefits claim without legal advice. This can be an effective strategy in some cases, but may lead to difficulties in others. We suggest consulting an attorney, especially when you have received notification that your initial claim has been denied. With an attorney coordinating your efforts, it can be much easier for you to obtain the needed information and complete your appeal.

Contact a Long Term Disability Claim Attorney to Discuss Your Claim

If you are unable to work due to an injury or disability, it is important to understand the benefits you may be entitled to under your long term disability program. It is also important to discuss your claim with an experienced lawyer, especially if you have already been denied.

Our staff offers free consultations, and only collects legal fees if we are successful in helping you obtain benefits, all in an effort to reduce the stress you feel during your pursuit of financial support.

Contact our office online or call 888-880-9046 to schedule your free consultation with one of our National LTD lawyers today.