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When you are unable to work due to a lasting injury or disability, turning to the long term disability benefits offered by your employer can be a great way to pay your bills. Unfortunately, the long term benefits program can be very confusing, and obtaining the benefits you are entitled to can quickly become a frustrating effort, making it important to get help from a long term disability lawyer.

At the law firm of Burke Harvey, LLC, we understand your need for LTD benefits. We also understand the worry and fear you may feel while you are unable to work; and the impact financial assistance from the LTD program can have on your life. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our LTD law firm attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to help you address a wide range of issues relating to the long term disability program, including:

  • Basic information on LTD: One of the most important first steps in obtaining LTD benefits can be to understand what long term disability actually is, and what benefits you may be entitled to. Our staff takes great care to help every client understand the difference between short and long term disability and the process of filing a claim.
  • Filing a claim or an appeal: The claims process can be confusing in even the best situations; our staff works to help you understand the initial claims process, and the proper methods of filing your claim.
  • Appealing a denied claim: Many claims are initially denied by insurance carriers. Fortunately, an initial denial does not exhaust your chances of obtaining benefits. We offer detailed advice on what denial of a LTD claim means, and the options you have for appealing a denied LTD claim. We also offer advice on the proper steps to improve your chances of winning your LTD claim, in turn helping you collect benefits.
  • Varying disabilities: The LTD program offers support to individuals who are prevented from working while they attempt to recover from a serious injury, as well as to individuals with varying physical disabilities and a number of mental disabilities. Many clients who are prevented from working due to constant pain caused by Fibromyalgia are unfortunately often denied claims. Our staff is experienced offering support to clients who have been notified of a Fibromyalgia claim denial.
  • Own occupation claims: Individuals who pay for their own occupation disability insurance often face increased challenges when attempting to file a claim. In short, insurance companies are more apt to refuse own occupation claims because they do not have to worry about the backlash they might receive from a larger company. Our staff is well versed in helping individuals file initial own occupation disability claims, as well as appealing an own occupation claim denial.
  • Insurance provider issues: Dealing with insurance companies can be a frustrating experience when you are relying on long term disability benefits to pay your bills. Unfortunately, more and more injured and disabled individuals are encountering bad faith denial by insurance companies, or an outright refusal of a claim without grounds. Our experience dealing with many of the country’s largest insurers, including our work handling Unum claims, allows us to provide the insight you need to deal with the insurance companies.

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“My experience working with Burke Harvey, LLC., was a very encouraging one. Their firm took on one of the most difficult insurance companies to work with and we prevailed. I am very impressed with their services. This was a Long Term Disability claim that we won. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who’s seeking legal counsel, in such cases. Again, my thanks to Peter Burke and staff for the outstanding job.”

Leslie Illinois -- 3/26/2012