Prudential Long Term Disability Lawyer

Prudential Long Term Disability Attorney

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Long term disability coverage under a policy offered by Prudential can be incredibly important when you are unable to work due to an injury or disability. Unfortunately, many individuals with Prudential coverage run into issues when attempting to obtain their benefits; many people submitting claims for Prudential benefits are initially denied. While a denial can be frustrating and confusing, it does not signal the end of your benefits quest as you have the right to appeal the decision through an internal appeals process or by filing an ERISA lawsuit with assistance from a Prudential long term disability lawyer.

At the law firm of Burke Harvey, LLC, we understand how important long term disability benefits can be to your financial situation when you are unable to work. We also understand how difficult it can be to file a claim when you are dealing with an injury or disability. You don’t have to face the claims process alone, however; our Prudential LTD claims lawyers have the skill and insight needed to help you understand your coverage and file a claim for the benefits you are entitled to.

Detailed Advice on the Many Steps in the Claims Process

Working closely with you, we offer the information and advice you need to understand the many steps in the claims process, including:

  • Gathering all necessary documents including medical bills and pay stubs
  • Working with doctors and accountants to gather information
  • Understanding and answering all question on the claims forms
  • Filing your claim in a way that maximizes chances of approval

Unfortunately, a large percentage of claims made to Prudential are denied for many reasons. Despite the fear a denial may cause, the decision is not final; you have the right to appeal directly to the company and the option to file an ERISA lawsuit if the internal appeals process fails.

Our staff will help you address and understand the many issues related to the appeals process, including:

  • Understanding the reason for the denial
  • Gathering any requested documentation
  • Acquiring additional information
  • Completing the appeals forms
  • Filing the appeal within the allotted time frame

If the internal appeals process fails, we will help you file an ERISA lawsuit to prompt a review of your case by a federal judge. We will also help you prepare your case for the review, insuring that every detail demonstrating your condition and eligibility for benefits is included.

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