Aetna Long Term Disability Attorney

Aetna Long Term Disability Attorneys

Pursuing Long Term Disability Benefits? Contact a National LTD Lawyer

If you are unable to work due to an injury or disability, having long term disability coverage can be invaluable in keeping you above water financially. Unfortunately, qualifying for benefits, and actually obtaining them are to different things; many individuals filing for long term disability benefits face an uphill battle and continuous denials from their insurance companies. Aetna, a large provider of long term disability benefits, has gained a reputation for denying initial claims due to missing information or documentation. Having an Aetna long term disability lawyer by your side is vital to successfully winning your claim.

At the law firm of Burke Harvey, LLC, we know how difficult it can be to file a long term disability claim when you are dealing with a painful injury or disability. We also know how important these benefits can be when you are unable to work. With more than 50 years of experience, our Aetna long term disability claims lawyers have the skills and knowledge needed to help you understand your coverage and pursue the benefits you are entitled to.

Filing a Successful Aetna LTD Claim

Filing a successful initial disability claim for long term benefits under your Aetna coverage plan can be difficult, but is possible if the proper steps are taken. Our staff will help you address the many steps in the claims process, including:

  • Gathering all of your medical bills, financial statements and pay stubs
  • Working with doctors and accountants to gather necessary information
  • Understanding and answering all question on the claims forms
  • Filing your claim in a way that maximizes chances of approval

While there are no guarantees that your claim will be approved on the first try, we will work to help you file a claim that is both clear and concise and includes all necessary information.

National LTD Lawyers; Helping You Appeal Denied Aetna LTD Claims

With insurance companies constantly trying to avoid payouts, even the best prepared claims can be denied. If you receive notice of a denial of your claim, do not panic; you have the right to file numerous appeals through the internal appeals process or filing an ERISA lawsuit.

Our staff offers detailed advice on the appeals process, and will walk you through every step involved, including:

  • Understanding the reason for your long term disability claim denial
  • Acquiring additional documents or information to file the appeal
  • Completing the appeals paperwork
  • Filing your LTD claim appeal within the allotted time frame
  • Filing a lawsuit under the ERISA act
  • Preparing your case for review by a federal judge during the ERISA suit

However your process plays out, we will not rest until we have helped you explore every option available during your pursuit of benefits. Contact our office online or call 888-880-9046 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific Aetna LTD claims or appeals concerns today.