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photo of ebook coverNursing homes undertake a profound duty and make a solemn promise to provide the best care and treatment possible to those entrusted to them. Unfortunately, some nursing homes do not always provide the best care and treatment to their residents. Understanding and recognizing the signs that your loved one may not be receiving the best care is critical in order to keep them from harm. This FREE BOOKLET will help you recognize the warning signs of nursing home neglect or abuse and how to properly take action if you suspect your loved one is being harmed. This booklet will discuss in detail the warning signs and symptoms of the more common kinds of abuse and neglect in nursing home or other long-term care facilities. If you notice or observe any of the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect discussed, this booklet will give you instruction on how to protect your loved one from harm, including making a complaint to the state and finding a lawyer experienced in handling nursing home abuse and neglect.

“It can be shocking for a family to discover that the caregivers in a nursing home to whom they have entrusted their loved one may have actually neglected or abused them. When this happens, it may be confusing and difficult to process and to understand how to proceed. At these times, a lawyer who has represented families under such circumstances can help to answer your questions and to provide the guidance necessary to protect your loved one.”
–Todd Harvey, senior partner, Burke Harvey

  • Know the signs
  • Recognize the symptoms
  • Take action


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