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If you suffer from chronic migraines or headaches, it can be very difficult to function in your daily routine, much less at work; with the unpredictability and sudden onset of migraines, it can be difficult to maintain a continuous schedule or to be productive in your duties. If your migraines prevent you from working, contact a migraine disability claim attorney as you may be eligible for long term disability benefits under your employer’s coverage policy.

Unfortunately, qualifying for benefits and actually obtaining payment from your insurance provider are two very different tasks; many claims for benefits that are related to migraines are denied by insurance companies on the grounds that there is often very little objective evidence supporting the diagnosis.

Our migraine LTD lawyers leverage more than 50 years of combined experience to offer the advice you need to understand your benefits eligibility, the steps you must take to obtain your benefits and the information the insurance company will require of you. Working closely with you, we will guide you through the steps in the claims process, including:

  • Gathering documentation: your insurance company will require a great deal of information to review your claim. We will help you gather all of the required documents, including medical records, CT scan or MRI results, Doctors’ opinions or diagnosis and employment records and pay stubs.
  • Completing the claims forms: LTD claims forms are deliberately confusing and vague in an effort to discourage you from filing your claim. We will help you understand every detail of the claims form and how each relates to your specific situation.
  • Filing your claim: Our long term disability lawyers will help you time the filing of your claim in an effort to maximize your chances of obtaining benefits on the first attempt.
  • Appealing a denied claim: A very large percentage of initial claims are denied by insurance companies. It is important not to panic; instead, we will help you understand the reasoning behind your denial, address the deficiencies of your claim and file your appeals as quickly as possible.

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