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Experienced Long Term Disability Support for Cerebral Atrophy Sufferers

Cerebral atrophy, or brain atrophy, is a condition involving the decrease in size of brain cells and tissues. The condition is a common feature of diseases that impact the brain, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease MS and Huntington’s disease, but can also be caused by age, traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Cerebral atrophy can present with various symptoms that impair the sufferer’s ability to function at work or in their daily routine, including:

  • Dementia: Dementia involves the loss of memory and cognitive skills. Common signs of dementia include a person’s inability to learn new tasks or information, loss of memory and disorientation.
  • Aphasias: Aphasias impact the ability to understand language. Cerebral atrophy can lead to two types of aphasias, expressive aphasias that impact choice and use of words, sentence structure and spelling, and receptive aphasias that impact comprehension skills.
  • Seizures: Cerebral atrophy can result in unpredictable seizures, during which the sufferer may experience convulsions, repetitive and uncontrollable movement of the limbs or unconsciousness.

These symptoms can dramatically impact your ability to fulfill your duties at work, and may prevent you from maintaining your employment. Fortunately, cerebral atrophy sufferers often qualify for long term disability benefits under their employer’s coverage.

Cerebral Atrophy and Long Term Disability Benefits

Obtaining long term disability benefits can be a difficult task under the best of circumstance; when living with cerebral atrophy, the challenge can seem insurmountable. Our cerebral atrophy LTD lawyers understand how difficult it can be to obtain the benefits you are entitled to. With your best interests always in mind, we take great care to offer the advice you need to understand the benefits you are entitled to and the process of pursuing them.

Our National disability attorneys have the experience needed to help you file your claim or appeal, and will work closely with you, your family and your doctors to satisfy the insurance carrier’s demands for documentation of your condition.

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