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The medical term ataxia relates to a lack of muscle coordination during regular movements such as walking, speaking or swallowing. Chronic ataxia and the resulting symptoms may severely limit your ability to work, leaving you without income. In such cases, hiring an Ataxia LTD claim lawyer is your best bet.

Our ataxia LTD attorneys have worked with many ataxia sufferers during their pursuit of long term disability benefits offered by their employer’s coverage policies. We have the skill and knowledge needed to help you file a claim or appeal a denied claim for LTD benefits when ataxia prevents you from working.

What is Ataxia?

There are two main types of ataxia — hereditary ataxia and acute ataxia. Hereditary ataxia sufferers experience a slow development of their symptoms over several years, with the underlying condition most commonly caused by issues with genes. Acute ataxia sufferers, on the other hand, experience a sudden onset of symptoms, most commonly after trauma, injury or the development of another health condition such as a stroke or infection of the brain.

In most ataxia sufferers, muscle coordination is dramatically impacted, making it difficult to accomplish routine tasks. Walking, eating and communicating can become difficult; fulfilling your duties at work can be all but impossible.

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for ataxia, although addressing the underlying cause of the ataxia has been shown to resolve the ataxia itself. Your doctor may suggest physical therapy, speech therapy and adaptive devices such as a walker or cane to help you cope with the symptoms of your ataxia.

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Insurance providers that offer LTD policies often deny disability claims submitted by ataxia sufferers, most often based on the reasoning that the condition is subjective, and that little objective or scientific proof exists to demonstrate its impact on your ability to work.

The main task in obtaining LTD benefits is to clearly demonstrate that your ataxia prevents you from working. To do this, we work closely with doctors and specialists to obtain the evidence needed to satisfy your insurance carrier’s need for documented evidence.

Our experience addressing LTD claims and appeals allows us to offer the guidance you need to explore every available avenue and legal option during your pursuit of LTD benefits. In short, we will not rest until we have helped you obtain benefits under your coverage plan, or have exhausted every appellate option available to you.

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