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If you are unable to work due to an injury or disability, the last thing you want to hear is that your insurance company has decided not to pay you the long term disability benefits you are entitled to. Unfortunately, individuals with UNUM long term disability coverage may need a UNUM disability lawyer as they are often faced with that exact situation, leaving them scrambling to figure out how to pay their bills and support their families.

At the law firm of Burke Harvey, LLC, we understand how frustrating it can be to be denied by UNUM; our UNUM disability insurance attorneys have worked with countless clients who have been turned away by UNUM claims representatives. The experience we have gained while helping past clients fight for UNUM benefits has given us invaluable insight into effective steps to take to improve your chances of prevailing against UNUM.

When attempting to obtain long term disability benefits under a policy offered by UNUM, you should:

  • Hire an experienced UNUM claims lawyer: While it is possible to file a claim for UNUM benefits without legal guidance, our assistance may prove to be the difference between an outright denial and approval. If you filed your claim alone and received notice that UNUM has denied your claim, do not proceed without an attorney.
  • When dealing with UNUM, knowledge is power: Filing a successful claim for UNUM benefits can be difficult; our knowledge of UNUM’s claims department and their requirements can be invaluable during your pursuit of benefits. We have a working knowledge of UNUM’s claims requirements, the reasons they often deny claims and the mistakes to avoid while filing your claim.
  • Do not allow yourself to be intimidated: UNUM has earned a reputation for intimidating their clients, or offering low ball benefits settlements just to make them go away. When your financial well-being is on the line, you cannot let yourself be intimidated by UNUM and its representatives. Our UNUM denied claims lawyers have stood up to the company time and time again, and have successfully recovered benefits for countless clients who were entitled to, and deserved them.
  • Explore every avenue: If you have been denied, you have the right to file a number of appeals directly with UNUM. Should these appeals fall on deaf ears, you have the right to file a lawsuit under the ERISA act, which prompts the review of your case by a federal judge. Our staff will help you understand all of your options, and will offer the guidance you need to explore every option available to you.

Contact our office online or call (205) 881-0555 to schedule a free consultation with a UNUM claims denial attorney to discuss your specific concerns and learn how we can help you prevail.

Client Testimonials

  • “I am blessed for them and their great work and happy to say and my denial for my LTD was overturned”

    - Ricky B.
  • “The insurance company went from hostile to immediately compliant, and quickly reversed their decision.”

    - Greg M.
  • “They are very knowledgeable of current laws and dealing with the big companies too!”

    - David P.
  • “I came away feeling that they generally cared about me and my situation, and were passionate as legal professionals about winning my appeal.”

    - Richard M.

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