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Long-Term Disability Lawyers in Birmingham AL, ERISA Claims

If you have suffered a disability, the last thing you need is to struggle with paperwork and red tape. The attorneys at Burke Harvey understand and we want to help. We will help you navigate the process and help ensure that you receive what you are entitled to under your veteran benefits, long term disability or social disability claim.


When an insurance company fails to promptly investigate a long term disability claim or reinstatement, denies a legitimate claim (no payments), refuses to pay a claim in a timely fashion (slow pay) or otherwise fails to live up to its obligations under the long term disability insurance policy, that company may be guilty breach of contract or insurance bad faith.

The attorneys at Burke Harvey have a proven record of success in enforcing the insurance contracts with some of the nation’s largest insurers of long term disability. If your legitimate claim has been denied or you have only received partial payments on your claim, we can take immediate and decisive action to protect your rights and your access to benefits.


ERISA refers to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. It was intended to protect those who depend on benefits from private employee benefit plans. However, some insurance companies have denied legitimate claims knowing a claim subject to ERISA has limited relief.

The ERISA law is complex and highly specialized. Don’t go up against the insurance company alone. The team at Burke Harvey is experienced with navigating this law and can help you effectively fight for your benefits.


If you are a veteran whose claim for service connected disability benefits has been denied, or if you applied for an increase in your service connected disability benefits and were denied, we may be able to help. To qualify for a veteran disability compensation, you need to satisfy the following:

1. You must have a current, medically-diagnosed disability; and
2. The injury or disease must have had an onset while you were actively serving in the armed forces; and
3. Your current disability must be related to your time in active service.

Disabilities that qualify for compensation are not limited to obvious battlefield injuries. You may also be able to qualify for benefits as a result of back injuries, knee and ankle injuries, TBI (traumatic brain injuries) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Exposure to hazards such as complications from vaccines, Agent Orange, nerve or biological agents and other toxic chemicals and substances may also result in a covered disability.

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Applying for Social Security disability benefits often entails complicated paperwork, filing deadlines and the need for well-organized and detailed supporting evidence from your physician. It is surprisingly easy to make a simple mistake that could prevent you from receiving benefits immediately. In addition, a large percentage of initial filings for Social Security disability benefits are denied, either due to filing errors or incorrect policy interpretations.

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