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Class Litigation

Consumer Class Actions

It is an appalling reality that many companies put profits before the rights of their consumers. Many multi-million-dollar corporations continue to do this, even when they know they are violating consumer rights. One way to make your voice heard is to join forces with other people who have been similarly impacted.

Consumer Class Actions: Strength in Numbers

This is the general basis for a class action, which is a lawsuit where one person (or a small group of people) is empowered to represent the legal interests of others affected by the same condition. While each individual claim is inherently separate, there are some definite benefits of people joining forces against the same defendant. These suits allow courts to provide the greatest scope of relief and justice to the most people possible.

Burke Harvey has handled class actions involving hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of people having similar claims against a common defendant. The more people involved, the greater the consumer’s collective voice. Winning a class action is an effective way to compensate a broad range of consumers and to prevent corporations from hurting others in the future.

If you were physically or financially injured by a corporation, manufacturer of consumer products, employer or governmental agency, you may have the option of participating in class action litigation. Please contact us today to learn more in a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

Successful Class Actions

Some successful class actions have been those brought against the manufacturers of dangerous products including asbestos, Agent Orange, tobacco and some vaccinations.

Denied insurance claims, for example, may represent a breach of the insurance policy which is a legally enforceable contract. Other consumer class actions may target predatory utility companies and Internet service providers. Still others may involve employment law violations, such as unfair practices, failure to pay overtime, or other wage and hour disputes.

Class actions may also be an option in denied Social Security disability claims where an entire class of consumers has been treated unfairly by the Social Security Administration.

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