If you are a corn farmer or producer you may be entitled to compensation as a result of damage created by Syngenta Corporation to the U.S. corn market.

In 2011 Syngenta Corporation, one of the largest agricultural products companies in the world, placed a genetically modified corn seed on the market for sale in the United States. The seed is called Viptera MR 162 and is designed in a way to make it more insect resistant. Syngenta aggressively marketed the seed to corn farmers and producers encouraging them to begin planting the seed. Syngenta specifically represented to corn farmers that approval of the Viptera MR 162 seed in China and other foreign markets was “imminent” and on this basis corn farmers and producers began planting the Viptera MR 162 seed.

Beginning in 2013, corn shipments from the United States were banned from China. As it turned out, the Viptera MR 162 seed was approved for sale and use in the United States but it was not approved for use and sale in China one of the largest importers of U.S corn. China on average purchases 5,000,000 tons of U.S. corn every year. This caused damage to the market for corn with prices for the purchase of corn plummeting. This caused significant financial losses to corn farmers, producers and other businesses that trade in the U.S. corn market.

In 2014, Syngenta released a product called Duracade, another GMO corn seed with the MR 162 trait. This was released despite the fact that the Chinese regulatory authorities still had not approved the MR 162 trait for use and sale in China. Once Viptera MR 162 and Duracade MR 162 were grown and released into the environment those seeds contaminated the entire U.S. corn supply through cross-pollination, as well as through mixing in storage elevators and containers and during transport. Once this was done it was impossible to put the Viptera and Duracade genie back in the bottle. The damage has been done.

In 2014, the vast majority of corn shipments from the U.S. tested positive for MR 162 and corn sales to China fell by an estimated 85%. In 2013 and 2014 it is estimated that corn farmers and producers lost approximately $1.1 billion in sales due to the Chinese ban on U.S. corn.

Burke Harvey is currently representing hundreds of corn farmers and producers and other businesses who trade in the U.S. corn market. The following individuals and businesses may be eligible to file a claim against Syngenta:

  • Corn Farmers and Producers
  • Land Owners where Corn is Farmed
  • Grain Elevator Owners or Operators
  • Grain Transporters such as trucking companies, truck drivers and railroads
  • Corn Exporters

If you are an individual or business who traded in the U.S. corn market since 2012 you may be entitled to compensation for losses you sustained as a result of Syngenta’s conduct with respect to the release of Viptera and Duracade MR 162. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE PLANTED SYNGETNA VIPTERA OR DURACADE SEED TO HAVE A CLAIM. Contact us now and we will explain your legal rights and options.