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Social Security Benefits, Should I Use the Companies Insurance Recommends?

You should ask yourself do these companies work for me or for the insurance company? More likely than not, these companies could have major conflicts of interest when they attempt to represent you. Are they more interested in helping long term disability insurance companies, like Lincoln Financial, UnumProvident, The Hartford, Sun Life, Cigna, and MetLife, than in securing the rights of Social Security Disability beneficiaries like yourself?

Insurance companies want you to use their Social Security representative in order to try and secure any potential offset amounts they may be entitled to under the policy of insurance. I have had a client who used one of these companies, received her SSDI award, only to have the company send the entire amount to the insurance company as an overpayment. After receiving this money the insurance company stopped paying the insured her long term disability benefits.

If you have a long term disability claim and need to file for Social Security disability, I urge you to select an attorney with no relationship to any long term disability insurance companies. By doing so, you will ensure that there are no inherent conflicts between your representative for SSDI benefits and the attorney helping you with your LTD claim.