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Court Rules Evidence Shows Roundup Causes Cancer.

A federal judge in San Francisco ruled this past week that there is evidence that Monsanto’s weedkiller, Roundup, can cause cancer. Efforts by Monsanto to have the case dismissed were also denied. Both rulings are being considered a victory for those people across the country who have been harmed by exposure to Roundup.

Since Monsanto first developed Roundup almost 40 years ago, complaints that exposure was causing Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma have continued to mount. In addition to the cases in Federal Court, lawsuits have also been filed in Missouri, California, Montana, and Delaware.

Who may be eligible for compensation?

Farm workers are at the greatest risk of injury caused by dermal or inhalation exposure to Roundup. However, anyone who has used Roundup for commercial or residential use has also been exposed to significant health risks.

If you have been exposed to dermal or inhalation exposure to Roundup and have developed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma or another related injury, you may be eligible for compensation. To learn more, call our office at (205) 881-0555 for a free consultation or learn more by clicking HERE.